What God Taught Me Today….

                                                                                                            Sunday June 28, 2020

                                                                                                                                11:35 am

This might seem like a simple lesson.

One I should have already known.

One that we all should be born knowing.

God knows my name. He knows my name; he knows your name. He knows all the names of the ones he has called.

He knows our ways. He knows the way I think, He knows the things I battle with- every day.

He knows the beliefs and the values he put in my heart.

He knows that each one of us is different.

He already knows this.

He knows the secrets in our hearts.

We are told to ‘love our neighbor as we love ourselves…’

I have always struggled with this and I never knew why until today.

I don’t hate people or anything, but I have struggled with the idea that I must love others more than myself, I guess.

I have felt guilty, in some fashion, for most of my adult life it seems like. Guilty when I put others first, guilty when I did not.

This morning I woke with the message that God knows my name.

If I compromise my values and beliefs and just myself because it makes somebody else feel better, then I am doing no justice to God. I am not being true to the person God made me to be. I am, in fact, hurting my relationship with God, with others, and with myself.

The Bible may tell me to ‘love my neighbor’ but it does not say that I am to do this if doing so will damage my relationship with God.

It does not say that I need to have a relationship with ‘my neighbor’.  I do not have to talk to them every day. I do not have to be involved in their lives; I must only love them.

Sometimes I don’t write things because I am afraid of what others will think.


God knows my name.

If I want to sing and dance with joy,

If I want to talk to myself or have human conversations with the dog,

If I want to laugh out loud at my own dumb jokes-

If I want to crack up alone while everyone else in the room looks at me funny,

If I want to love,

If I want to let go,

It’s all ok.

God knows my name.

My name is Jacquelyn Lee Crosman.

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