I have to get out of here.

Away from my house and the responsibilites that it contains.

Away from voices.

Away from traffic.

Away from endless chores.

Away from appointments.

It is why I haven’t been able to write.

I can’t think.

I hear the buzzing in my mind.

I feel the urgency in my gut.

I just want to get in the car and drive.

I need windows down and tunes loud.

I need to feel open air and a sea breeze on my face.

I want to taste the salt on my lips and feel it on my skin.

I need this.

I will take my husband with me as a reminder to return home.

I want to walk into the frigid northern Maine Atlantic waters at the same moment my sister walks into the warmer Myrtle Beach Atlantic, just to see if I can feel her awesome strength.

I want to be silly.

I want to laugh.

I want silence.

I want the roaring in my mind to be only the sound of the ocean.

One more day, just one more day…

I don’t want to pack or take anything with me, I want to leave it ALL behind.

I need to leave it all behind…

Lubec looks lonely on the map.

I hope it is.

Don’t worry, I’ll be there tomorrow….


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